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Churn Valley Martial Arts & Fitness is a kickboxing, martial arts, boxing and running fitness organisation run by myself, Mark Bignell, in Cirencester, Gloucestershire. 

I initially established Churn Valley Kickboxing club back in 2010, however, since then I have evolved this from, what was solely a kickboxing club, to a freestyle martial arts club and now, thanks to further training, qualifications and experience, I have extended the services I offer.

Services I now offer:

  • Gym fitness training; resistance, cv, aerobic, HIIT and boot camp style training
  • Running fitness. 
  • Boxing.
  • Kickboxing.
  • Freestyle martial arts.

Whatever your aim and whatever you chose to train in, and for, I will work with you to acheive your goals. For more details on all the services that I can offer please go to the about & service page , or feel free to contact me directly, using the contact form, to arrange an initial discussion, or consultation and assessment. No commitment, no pressure and no charge!

Finally, lets be clear, I am NOT a PT, I am not going to develop you to be an athlete, build amazing muscles, tailor a weight loss program for you or presure you to comit to training with me for a number of sessions per week/month. If you want a tailored, personal training regime, have absolute specific objectives then you should be going to a PT. However, if you want the flexibility to get fitter and do so undertaking any of the specific services I can offer, then you are in the right place. Of course, If you later find you are progressing well and decide you want a PT, I can direct you to several very good PTs that I know.

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